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“No More” picks up 2,000 listens in its first week

We went down to San Diego to record a single with the guys from Lost Ark Studios a while back.  It was a blast, and those guys have our total dreamjobs.  The studio is right on the beach and has a full view down to the water.  The place is decked out wall to wall with 60s and 70s vintage catalog guitars and the people there were too friendly for us to go back to our stupid jobs with any kind of manageable attitude.  Seriously those guys need to do something to make the experience less magical for bands in town or our dirty Los Angeles asses are going to be stinkin up their little utopia in no time.

The takes came back pretty good, especially considering how many times Chris zoned out in the booth completely due to bikini season.

You can listen and download here.  Cheers!  

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